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From: Malcolm McLean <>
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Subject: Re: Baby X is bor nagain
Date: Wed, 19 Jun 2024 21:42:31 +0100
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On 19/06/2024 18:49, David Brown wrote:
> On 19/06/2024 18:52, Malcolm McLean wrote:
>> Yes, but that's not quite what we want. A typical input would go.
> It's extremely hard to guess what you want (not "we", but "you" - no one
> else wants this kind of thing) when you have bizarre requirements and
> only give bits of them.  So modifying the Python code is left as an
> exercise if you are interested, especially as it is off-topic.
This was a work project, so "we". I would never set up such a system.
But we hasd light-themed and dark-themed icons and they hsd to be
arranged just so so that the program would find them and show the right
theme. And as you can imagine, it was a nuisance to we programmers to
set up the resource scripts so that eveything was right.

So why not get Python to do the job? But there wasn't much enthusiasm.
So, despite not knowing Python, I decided to have a go, and I got a
sorted list of icons quite easily, and it looked promising. But now the
special requirement for a little deviation from alphabetical sort. And I
couldn't work out how to do that.

And it wasn't what I was supposed to be doing or paid to do. We used to
have a weekly meeting where we discussed work done. If I said "oh, and I
spent an afternoon knocking up this little Python script to help get
those resource files together", then that's OK. If I say that was my
main focus for the week, no, and if I say I spent substantial time on it
and it didn't even work - well that really wouldn't go down well.
So I had to abandon it once it became clear that it would take many
hours of trawling through docs and online tips to try to work out a way.
And no-one has posted a solution here. And, whilst there will be a way,
I suspect that it just doesn't use the mainstream langage facilities. I
suspect that Python isn't really a programming language - a language
designed to make it easy to apply arbitrary transforms to data - it's a
scripting language - a language designed to make it easy to call
pre-existings code to do the things it is designed to do.

But maybe I'm unfair.

Check out my hobby project.

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